Harborside Crestwood Nursing Home
NHPleinAir Members' Exhibit

This exhibit, in the Library of the nursing home, was established as a community service to provide the residents of the nursing home with changing visual stimulation and the opportunity to enjoy fine art by artists of our region. In this exhibit our member artists also have the opportunity to display their studio works as well as their plein air works. Paintings in the exhibit may be for viewing only or may be available for sale through the business office.
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December 1 - January 15: Barbara C, Kitty C, Barbara S

January 20 - March 3: Ann B
March 3 - April 15: Sharon A
April 15 - June 15: Rita M, Paula P, & Barbara S.
June 15 - July 30: Sandra K

Sandra was our last exhibitor at Harborside Crestwood. I have reluctantly given up the exhibit space due to lack of interest by our members.

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