August 6 , 2006:
Hampshire Hills


In attendance: Sharon, Joanne, Tom H, Paula P

What an absolutely perfect day! From the photo at left you can see that we had a nice shady place to set up. Temps were in the 70s (or low 80s) and there was a wonderful breeze that kept us cool. Not a lot of traffic in and out on the driveway, but a few curious onlookers pulled around behind us in the parking lot to peek. One gentleman said we should ask if Hampshire Hills would put the pieces on temporary exhibit in the lobby of the restaurant. I think I may just check out that possibility. Only a few folks actually approached us. One woman had two little girls and Tom asked them if they'd like to put a stroke on his painting - a fencepost - one was shy and the other just beamed like she'd been given a present! That Mom may be joining us in the future - she explained that she USED to paint, but hasn't had time to much lately. She took our NHPleinAir bookmark/business card.

I knew the view was pretty, but the big surprise was the horses in the field - I've never seen them there before! Paula was the only who actually included one in her piece. I really wanted to but was afraid I'd wind up with deformed mutant reindeer again (that's what my cows looked like when I tried putting them in a painting last Fall) and Joanne and Tom left them out too ... actually a good thing since they went and hid behind the barn (from our vantage point) anyway!

I still want to paint at that farm on the next street - need to catch the owners at home and get permission.


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