March 26 :
The Pony Farm, Temple NH
Broadview Conservation Area, Derry NH

I was by my lonesome again!

Original forecasts were for a warm sunny day, but by Saturday evening there were predictions of "mostly cloudy" with possible showers or snow flurries. The morning was beautifully sunny so I decided to head out anyway (even though it appears everyone else listened to the forecast!). The temp was 51 when I arrived on location at about 10 AM, but the clouds started moving in and the temp dropped to 44 by the time I packed up at about noon.

The horses were all very accomodating and curious about the presence of a stranger with an odd wooden box. They would stand for a long time just staring at me - posing! - while I worked on background. Of course, as soon as I'd start to paint one he'd decide it was time to take a walk! LOL

Clouds started moving in quickly at about 11:45 and I smelled rain in the air and quickly packed up. It started to sprinkle by the time I got back to the car, but it never did actually rain.

I stopped to visit Dad at the nursing home on the way home, and then stopped at Broadview Conservation Area in Derry and did a quick lay-in there - I had to leave because it was just too cold and windy. Both pieces need return trip to locations to finish.


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