October 7, 2006:
Mixed Bag!
Cilleyville Bog Covered Bridge, New London, Newmarket

Cilleyville Bog Covered Bridge (#16)
In attendance: Sharon A, Vikki K, Gerry P.

Vikki and Gerry painted at the bridge in the morning, and Vikki was already gone when I arrived at about 1:30 PM so I didn't get a picture of her or her WIP       8-(
This was a return trip to the bridge for Gerry, to finish the painting he started there last week.

New London
In attendance: Sharon A

I needed to go to Back Room Art Supply to pick up a package and painted at a location recommended by Byron C. When I was done with this one I headed down to the Cilleyville Bog Bridge to meet up with whoever might still be there, then headed down to Byron's for a painting adventure up the Contoocook River on his pontoon boat.


Hi everyone, Hannah and I had a great time and weather in Newmarket, NH, on Saturday the seventh of Oct. Got there a ten and parked a block away from each other and Hannha found me at 10:30 am, in the back of the church at Joy's resturant. The town had fixed up the walk recently after the floods, and that's where we painted. I did the Lamprey's River down stream and she did a painting of a condo that's just been done by the Lamprey's Falls. We spoke to a lot of folks from far and near.
Pictures where also taken by visitors from Mich. and towns people. They loved hearing that we are with the the NH Plain Air Painters and where also happy about trying to help Newmarket with a show in the future at Amperstand with what we painted. We went around and took pictures of different places and off we went around 2:00. That's all folks!



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