September 26, 2006:
Canterbury Shaker Village
Canterbury, NH

Doug got there first at 8:30, and then I arrived at 8:50. We found the parking spot on Asby Road, and boy does it save a lot of walking! I'm so glad Doug asked about a better place to park when painting the ponds.

Hannah came later, but I was into my painting by that point and was not aware of the time.

It was lovely, and some of the trees are starting to turn a deep red. The duck and swan were there, of course. That duck is a little beggar.

We enjoyed painting, but it was very windy. Fall is definitely here, so when you paint up there, prepare yourself for strong wind.

We all painted until lunch time, and then packed up our stuff, and drove to the regular parking lot, and then had lunch at the sandwich shop. We stayed for another couple hours just talking about art, classes, artists, good art books, etc. What a fun day!


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