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IPAP's 4th Annual World-Wide Paint Out

Friday, September 8

Great Brook Farm State Park
Carlisle, MA

Attending: Sharon A, Joanne B, Belle C, Joyce D, Mike K

Was there anyone else there that we didn't see and didn't find us? The park was much bigger than expected, with lots of hidden trails and painting locations and it's very easy for people to be there and not find each other!

It was a beautiful warm & sunny day, with just enough clouds and breeze to make the sky interesting and keep the temps comfortable.

Sharon & Joanne carpooled from Londonderry and found Joyce at the parking lot near the ski touring center. Joyce chose to stay at that location to paint one of the buildings and a field there. (Joyce, send me an image to put here!) Joanne and Sharon hopped back in the car to explore the rest of the 1000 acre park - which has quite a lot to offer for subject matter and warrants return trips to that location for future outings. We finally settled on a marshy looking pond with a sea of water lilies - a small parking area for canoe launching.

Belle arrived awhile later and found us, but chose to go paint at the cornfield up near the dairy barn. She said there was another easel set up there, but she didn't see anyone when she'd stopped there on her way to look for us.

There were quite a few people out jogging and dog walking and we had several folks stop to tell us about the other artists up near the cornfield. They all said there was a man painting there, but we didn't know exactly who it was until Mike came down and found us awhile later.

Beautiful day and some very successful pieces!

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Saturday, September 9

Canterbury Shaker Village
Canterbury, NH

Attending: Vikki K, Gerry P, Michelle G, Doug D, Linda G, Hannah P, Barbara C, Jeff F, and Heather L

Heather and Doug arrived at about 8:00 a.m. and were well on their way into their paintings by the time Vicki and I arrived just before 10:00. Heather started painting the building that the shop is in and when they opened, they flung the side doors wide, cutting off part of her view! She was well along by that time and kept going. Doug was facing uphill and (wisely) standing in the shade. Vicki decided to go down to the far end of the parking lot and paint a view of the farmstand. New members Hannah and Michelle arrived not long after we did and both set up under the Chinese elm. Michelle worked on two watercolors and Hannah painted (in oils, I believe) a view of part of the syrup house. Jeff Ford arrived a bit later and set up under the big trees leading up to the meeting house. He painted a long view toward the south, using his new water-miscible oils for the first time. I sat at a picnic table, also under the trees, and painted a partial view of the meeting house. Gerry came late morning, I think, and set
up right near the gate, looking toward the vistors' center and farmstand. Linda) set up under some birch trees, overlooking the pond. She was working on only her third oil painting. I didn't know she was tehre until after we gathered for our "photo shoot" at around 12:30. The farmstand shopkeeper was kind enough to take a photo of the eight of us. Heather and Doug left shortly after that. A few of us had lunch from the canteen, sitting at a picnic table. I left at around 3:00, not too sure about the timing on the others. It was a great day -hot- about 80 degrees, but most people chose to paint in the shade. I tried to paint a few people "on the job", but didn't think to get the actual WIPs. Next time..... Maybe some others can fill you in some more.

Barbara C.

Meanwhile, down in Londonderry . . .  

Several members were unable to go up to CSV to paint because they had previously committed to exhibiting at Londonderry's Art on the Common. Sharon and Betsy set-up to paint at their booths and chatted with several reporters to explain about IPAPs World-wide Paintout.

Also exhibiting (but not painting) were members Sherry B, Ginny B, Elaine F, Hal K, and Barbara S. Elaine did actually bring her paints but, as the show's coordinator, never had time to actually set up and get in any painting!


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Sunday, September 10

Elizabeth Perkins House Historic Site
York, ME

Attending: Sharon A,Ginny B, Joanne B, Betsy C, Joyce D, Marion H, Mike K, Laurie L, Ann Marie T

Beautiful location, right on the York River, with more subject matter than could have been imagined ... everything from a wonderful 1730 home with tree lined path and formal garden to river views, a bridge, boats and wharves, rock walls and patios, giant hollyhocks ... I heard the words "visual overload" mentioned by several different artists as I walked around to take pictures of WIPs. The only "down" (a minor one) was that the house was closed today and so we had to trek up to the supermarket for restrooms.

The weather was quite variable - it was chilly in the morning - note everyone in sweatshirts and sweaters! The sun came out and it got really warm for awhile, then clouds moved in and it got downright cold in the shady areas. But the moody skies and clean fresh breezes just seemed to fit the character of the property perfectly.

Several members arrived early (betwen 9 and 10) and others arrived throughout the day. Most of us stayed on the grounds of the house itself, Marion chose a spot on the other side of the river looking back at the house. Her location was Hancock Wharf - a wharf that was actually owned by John Hancock in colonial times. In addition to all the other subject matter, on Hancock Wharf there's also a fishing shack with colorful lobster buoys hanging on the sides and vines climbing up the sides - a must paint in the right light!

Also at the wharf is a historic building that was previously a general store but is now an art gallery. While Marion was there painting, the owner came to open for the day and said that she (and we too) were welcome to come in to visit the gallery and use her restroom. We all headed over there at about 3 PM - nice gallery!

Joyce, on her way down from a weekend workshop farther upstate in ME, arrived on location at about 3:30 - just after we'd left! - and stayed to paint through early stages of sunset.


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