August 17: Wadleigh State Park

This outing was strictly impromptu - it wasn't until verifying that forecast for Friday ensured a clear sunny day that Elaine and I decided we'd head up to Wadleigh State Park (Sutton NH) and posted the message to the group. Although I sent the e-mail at about 3:30 it didn't post to the message board until after 5 and, apparently, at least a few members didn't receive it until after 9 AM on Friday. Yahoo mail delays, I suppose.

It was a beautiful sunny morning - very peaceful and calm, although chillier than predicted. At about 10:30 a breeze kicked in, completely obliterating the beautiful reflections in the water, and that breeze never stopped!

At about 12:30, with no sign of anyone else from our group, Elaine and I left word at the gatehouse that we were moving over to Musterfield Farm, which is only about 2 miles up the road. The flower garden at Musterfield Farm is quite gorgeous right now and the afternoon light on the white side of the big barn made the scene quite warm and inviting, and Mt Kearsarge looming blue and hazy in the distance was a nice addition to an already perfect scene. We were intermittently serenaded by some unusual creatures, but couldn't determine if they were birds or tree frogs because every time we turned to face the direction of the call they'd stop and we never did get to see the little teases!



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