August 31: Miller State Park & Rosalie's Farm Stand

Attending: Sharon A, Eileen B, Trudi B, Barb Bu, Patricia M

We met at the parking lot at the base of Pack Monadnock at 10 AM. We'd all noticed on the drive there that there were intermittent clouds and patches of sun, so decided to make the drive up to the summit, barely noticing the two big school buses parked in the lot.

Arrived at the top to find about 100 high school students and no view. We scouted around for painting locations - theres one nice stone hut up there - waiting to see if the weather would lift, but the clouds started coming down into the parking lot.

Sooo ... we decided to head over to nearby Rosalie's Farm Stand/Flower Garden (after leaving a note tacked on the gatehouse in case anyone else was coming).

Arrive at Rosalie's a bit after 11 AM - gorgeous place with a nice view of Mt. Monadnock ... which kept peeking in and out of clouds all afternoon. Not a great day for dramatic lighting effects, but it was relatively cool and peaceful - definitely a place for repeat outings.

I didn't get a picture of Barb's WIP!

Pat M drove up to meet us and must have been just about pulling in to the parking lot at Miller as we were pulling out. She didn't find us and headed over to MacDowell Lake to paint there. So sorry we didn't connect!


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