Newmarket 2007
Friday, March 30

Attending: Sharon A, Sue S
Just the 2 of us today. The weather forecast promised sunshine and temps near 60. We did have sun for awhile, but then clouds started rolling in and it got downright chilly. I even put on my jacket AND hat! The sun came out again, of course, AFTER we'd packed up.

Sue and I arrived within minutes of each other, at just about 10:30. After walking around a bit and scouting a variety of locations we both wound up back at the little park that's behind Joyce's Restaurant. We were quite surprised to find icebergs still floating down river. There were lots of gulls and a small gaggle of very large tan geese - not Canada Geese, but your regular farm variety. Apparently they're quite used to people giving them tidbits from Joyce's because they were quite vocal for most of the time we were there and waddled over to greet anyone who happened to walk into the area.
We stopped painting at just about 1:30 and were going to have lunch at Joyce's, but they close at 1:30! So we headed over to the deli across the street. After lunch Sue headed for home and I headed out to Rye and painted at the marsh just below Odiorne Point State Park until about 5 PM. It was sunny and warm there but windy, so I painted out of the back of my Jeep. Tthe wind was strong enough that the Jeep kept bobbing up and down and I had to clamp my canvas to my pochade box because it kept wobbling in the wind!

It felt REALLY good to get out there after all the time cooped up indoors!



Monday, May 7

Attending: Mary B and Susan S.
Weather couldn't have been better. Susan painted on Heron Point and Mary on Main Street where many people stopped to chat. Rte 108 is going to be torn up & the center of town redone. Everyone is very happy we are painting there "to preserve the original views". Around 3:30 PM a photographer from Foster's came & took pictures of Mary painting the north view of Main Street (everyone please keep an eye out and make sure Mary gets a copy when it appears) and they were joined by a reporter who is very interested in our upcoming show and would like to come to our reception and do an article about our show. Views from Heron Point are great. There's plenty of parking. The boardwalk and decks are in poor shape (missing rails) except for the main deck from which I painted.
Mary B and Susan S

Saturday, May 12

Attending: Sharon A, Sandy G, Laurie L, Aline L, Natalie R

An absolutely gorgeous day, but a bit chilly in the shade. All but Laurie met at the Ben Franklin parking lot in Raymond to carpool/caravan at arrived in Newmarket at about 9:50. We waited at the park by Joyce's Kitchen until about 10:30 then headed over to Heron Point where Sharon and Sandy painted from the deck and Aline and Natalie painted from the ground off to the right. We never saw Laurie, but it turns out she was there by the boat launch and we just didn't see her! Laurie plans to return on Wednesday morning if others want to join her. Laurie also reports that there are many historic houses within a mile of downtown to provide additional subject matter for those who like to paint architecture.



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