Artist's Weekend at The Bartlett Inn

May 17 - 20, 2007


This was our biggest/best attended Artists' Weekend ever, and what a great group we had! It was fun to meet some members for the first time and to meet other folks who aren't members (yet) but who did get word about the event. Attendees came from as far away as Brooklyn, NY and from MA and all areas of NH from Derry to Pittsburg! Attending artists were (alphabetically by first name) Aline L, Brenda K, Bruce, Byron, Cheryl P, Chuck, Cindy, Deb, Greg & Janet (our NY couple), Marcia, Mary, Natalie, Sean, Sharon, Susan S, and Yvonne, - that's 17 artists! - and we also had several spouses and pets along for the fun. Before I go on - please give a yell via e-mail if I missed anyone!

Weather-wise the weekend was a wash, literally ... we had heavy low clouds and/or rain and mist the entire time. But that didn't stop any of us from painting or having fun. Most of us arrived on Thursday, a few folks had to wait until Friday because of job committments. We gathered in the living room at the Inn at about 5PM and headed out to dinner in several groups. My group went to a new restaurant (new to Bartlett, but not new to the area) called Gulde's where we enjoyed homestyle cooking in huge portions and very attentive service - all at ridiculously low prices ... we're talking $5 for a 10 oz burger, $7 for a platter of porkchops that could feed a family of 3 ... those prices and portions can't last long!

On Friday morning, the breakfast special was Huevos Rancheros with choice of bacon or assorted sausages and toast or English Muffins. At breakfast we discussed painting locations that had some cover/shelter since rain was imminent. For future reference, those locations include Lower Falls Scenic Area, the Swift River Bridge in Conway, the Crawford Notch train station, the Mt. Washington Hotel, and the Willey House, among others. After breakfast, Byron did an oil painting demo out behind the Inn and the rain held off long enough. After Byron's demo we jumped into our cars and drove to our assorted painting locations - a good number of us to the picnic area at Lower Falls Scenic area on Rte 112. We again assembled in the Inn's living room at about 4 PM to discuss dinner plans and display our works from the day. Byron did a watercolor demo and we headed out to dinner after that. The restaurant recommended by Miriam & Nick was actually closed for renovations, so we wound up going to different places and returned to the Inn for wine and cheese and some additional social time.

Saturday's breakfast special was freshly made waffles with either maple syrup, home made fruit compote (made with fresh blackberries and raspberries), or what Nick termed "the champagne of breakfasts" - waffles with the compote with chocolate sauce drizzled in. After breakfast we headed directly out to the chosen sheltered painting locations, with clouds a bit lighter than on Thursday, but still ever present. We again assembled in the Inn's living room at about 5 PM and ordered pizzas for delivery. We discussed our paintings and experience and offered each other lots of encouragement and support - plein air painting can be difficult, but this weekend was especially difficult because of the weather and lack of shadows & contrast!

Sunday's weather was the worst - we awoke to pouring rain and reports of localized flood watches on the news. The breakfast special was Quiche Lorraine (just about the best I've ever had!) or Greek Quiche (feta, spinach, tomatoes). We lingered a bit over breakfast, then packed up our gear and headed our separate ways with promises to do this more often. Brenda K has something in the works for us in late July.

Many thanks to Miriam & Nick for again being such wonderful hosts, making us all feel special and very welcome! And Samantha was a delight too - painting at HER easel! We look forward to our next Artists' Weekend at The Bartlett Inn!

Sharon ... Anyone have anything to add?





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