Sewall Falls Concord, NH
Sunday, May 6

Flying solo today ... where ARE all you folks who wanted weekend outings? Ah, maybe because this was an untested location - or because I only put it in an e-mail and didn't use the * * Outing Announcement * * heading?

Sewall Falls proved interesting and, I think, worth a trip back. It's really easy to get to and has a variety of subject matter from river and rapids to remains of an old wooden dam and mill building (or power plant), to trees and an old canal. Not the best or most scenic of places we've been, but a good spot for those times when you want to get out but don't want to go too far.

I've put photos in the Members Only section in the Favorite NH Locations.

It was sunny today and a bit cool (low 60s) and breezy - but there was not a single black fly in the whole park! I had a constant stream of bypassers - seems like a favorite place for everyone to bring their dogs for a swim. NOT showing my painting - it's already been wiped out. I don't know if my brushes weren't completely dry or if I didn't get all of the soap out (washed them just last night) but I was having a hard time getting my paints to adhere to the canvas and kept getting white spots and streaks coming through as the paint dried. Compositionally it was a decent piece, but it was a total disaster so I wiped it out as soon as I got home.

Also found Garvin Falls. Nice waterfall over a dam - similar to Amoskeag Falls but a little smaller. There were two picnic tables with a limited view, but no parking area and no restroom. Looks like the picnic tables are for the plant employees, maybe. Garvin Falls is definitely NOT a place for a group outing.



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