Tarbin Gardens Franklin, NH
Friday, May 25

Attending: Sharon A, Barbara C, Sandy G, Natalie R-C

Word for the day - GREEN! It was hot and humid (in the 90s), but much cooler in the shady areas of the gardens than "outside". There are a few trees and plants in bloom now, but they reach peak color in July ... definitely warrants a trip back. The Mountain Ash will be in bloom in about 2 weeks. There are several different garden areas, all named and themed, and some Highland cattle, a few goats, and some exotic (penned) game birds like peacocks, pheasants, turkey, etc
With 4 acres of lush garden to choose from, we all wound up within about a 50 foot radius of each other - but each of us chose that spot for a different reason/subject!
The owners "puttered" and worked in various areas in the garden, and one or the other came by to see how we were doing on a regular basis. They were very helpful in identifying plants and trees and explaining the various cycles/seasons in the gardens.
Barbara, Sandy, and Natalie all enjoyed an English Tea (I stayed at my easel, not wanting to give up precious painting time with the brilliant sunlight just hitting certain areas) and they said it was wonderful - we'll ALL have tea next time (tea is served in the rose garden).
Because most of us had our backs to them, the Highland cattle all stood fairly still and in the same spot for most of the time we were there. We all agree that if any of us had attempted to paint them, they would have been wandering all over the pasture.


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