5th Annual
IPAP World Wide Paint Out

Sep 7, 8, 9

NOTE: Images of paintings show the Works In Progress (WIPs), NOT the completed version. To see the completed paintings, please join us at Mill Brook Gallery at 3 PM on Sunday. Some paintings were not photographed at all.

Friday, September 7: Contoocook Village Dam

Attending: Sharon A, Joanne B, Anne B, Eileen B, Belle C, Mary C, Ellen D, Sandra G, Stapleton K, Brenda K, Aline L, Patricia M, Jo Ann M, and Hannah P, ... and Byron C stopped by to say hi and cheer us on. At the same time, over in Maine, Roger D, Susan M, and Ann Marie T painted together and will bring their paintings on Sunday. Did I miss anyone? (14 at Contoocook, 3 Maine + 17 painters!)

Two words for today: HOT and HUMID! Temps reached 95 degrees, but there was a decent breeze in most of our locations. We split up pretty well and were all around the bridges. One group of us painted down in the flood plain by the municipal lot. Not so easy getting down there this time - apparently there was some flooding that washed out some of the access footing! Another group painted directly across the river from us up on the hill and overlooking the dam. A third group wound up downstream from the bridge and at the gazebo. There were a full dozen of us there, but only 2-3 visible from any viewpoint. Some really nice paintings done today, and we had some traffic/onlookers - and a reporter from the Concord Monitor. Several visitors mentioned that they had seen the articles in this or that newspaper or magazine and they plan to come visit tomorrow and Sunday as well.

Saturday, September 8: Dimond Hill Farm, Concord NH

Attending: Sharon A, Anne B, Barbara C, Belle C, Ellen D, Dinah D, Barbara F, Sandra G, Linda G, Stapleton K, Mike K, Brenda K, Randy K, Aline L, Patricia M, Jeanne P, ... and Byron C stopped by to say hi and cheer us on. And over in Maine, Roger D, Susan M, and Ann Marie T. AND Phil B painted at his booth at Londonderry Art on the Common. Is that everyone? (16 at Dimond Hill & 3 in ME, plus Phil - 20 painters!)

Hot & humid again, but not as bad as yesterday. And our "motto" still holds ... say it everyone ... "If the forecast said scattered, it's never mattered!" We had sunshine for most of the day with some ominous clouds moving in at about 2 PM. We heard thunder, the wind picked up (and so did the artists!) and we had about a 2 second sprinkle - as if someone shook water off their hands - and that was IT!. It did not rain on us! The girl from the farm stand said that just 10 minutes up the road it was raining so hard that she couldn't see out her windshield, even with her wipers at highest speed, but it didn't rain where we were. It did rain in both Londonderry and Manchester, but not until the shows there were almost over and they only got minor showers - remember, those shows were announced in this group too. We definitely seem to have some kind of weather charm working in our favor!

Dimond Hill Farm is an absolutely lovely spot and we are welcome to paint there anytime. In addition to the pretty old buildings and flower garden, there are fields, and horses, and llamas, and a view of distant mountains - and several dogs (one big sweetheart Newfie named Oliver in particular). There were flowers in some unusual places and, if you took the time to look, you could find a painting subject at almost any angle from where you were standing. It always amazes me how several of us can be in exactly the same place - standing side by side, even - and yet find different subjects and/or approach them in a completely different way.

The folks who work at Dimond Hill were very nice and were happy to have us there. The farmstand has seasonal fresh vegetables and all kinds of items in jars - and cookies, ICE CREAM (a big hit today, with the heat), and local cider. What more could an artist need while painting?

We had a few visitors stop by who read about the event in the paper, some who wanted to verify that the paintings will be on sale tomorrow, and a lot of what were probably just regular visitors to the farm stopping by for fresh produce for dinner.

We all seemed to have a good day and everyone really seemed to enjoy the day. Two events to note - Stape set up in a field across the road ... didn't see the beehives. He had to move because they kept attacking him and he got stung behind the ear (something we've never encountered before!) and Mike was delighted to announce that this was the first time he's ever been able to do TWO paintings in the same day!

Sunday, September 9: Mill Brook Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Concord NH

Painting 10-3, Reception & Wet Painting Sale 3-5

Attending: Sharon A, Eileen B, Anne B, Belle C, Mary C, Ellen D, Dinah D, Sandy G, Linda G, Mike K, Brenda K, Patricia M, Jeanne P

We had rain in the morning, but that didn't stop the more dauntless among us with 6 artists painting at the gallery! Those brave souls were Sharon, Mary, Elaine, Sandy, and Patricia, with Mike joining us later in the day. We found shelter under porch roofs and Patricia was REALLY prepared for the weather with her little mini canopy! For the last 2 days we complained about the heat, and today we were complaining about the cold (welcome to New England)! The rain stopped and we had only clouds for the rest of the day, until about 20 minutes after the start of the reception when the skies opened again.

Many thanks to Pam Tarbell of Mill Brook Gallery & Sculpture Garden for being our hostess for both painting today and for the reception, and for her local PR and connections. Pam provided us with a much appreciated pot of coffee and pot of hot water for a basket of cocoas and teas and coffee cake in the morning, and wine, cheese, crackers, apples, and punch for the afternoon reception. We had a good showing of artists for the reception, and although there weren't a lot of visitors, we did have some traffic and 3 sales ... congratulations go to Elaine, Patricia, and Ellen.

After the reception, a group of us headed to Applebee's for dinner and some social time. Good job leading the 6 car caravan, Brenda!




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