September 14: Tarbin Gardens

Attending: Sharon A, Barbara C, Patricia M

Barbara & Patricia were already on location - on opposite sites of the coy pond - and well into their paintings when I arrived at about 1 PM. Actually, Barbara was already on her second one and was closer to Patricia for the first one.

The gardens were lovely, with lots of flowers in bloom and masses of complimentary yellows and purples in some areas. It was beautiful!

There is a new addition to the animals at the gardens - the rare female version of a mule (a real sweetie!) and one of their Highland cattle is due to calve any day now. Last spring's baby is quite a bit larger than she was, but still looks like a giant teddy bear! When you visit, be sure to bring at least one apple with you!

The afternoon light on this clear sunny day was nothing short of spectacular (and quite intimidating).



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