September 30, 2007: Musterfield Farm



Harvest Day

North Sutton, NH


Attending: Sharon A, Eileen B, Barbara C, Byron C, Betsy C, Mike K, Aline L, Patricia M & daughter ... and Rolande R came up to meet the group & say hi - did I miss anyone?

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, a little cool but beautiful! It did cloud up a bit for a short time, but then the sun was back out making everything seem to glow.

Harvest Day is a BIG deal at Musterfield and there were easily a thousand people attending. There were booths with crafts and baked goods and honey and candles ... and sack races and stilt walking and hayrides ... and demonstrators of colonial crafts, and even a colonial fife and drum corps! Lots of dogs, and the farm animals were cooperative - the cows stayed out where everyone could see them and the roaming chickens stayed away from us.

Patricia's daughter came with her and also painted with us - a very talented young lady from what I could see! And Barbara's hubby was with her and enjoyed all the historical goings on while she painted.

Lots of folks stopped to chat and ask questions and comment on the high quality of the paintings we were producing today (must be the place - it's magical) and Eileen sold her piece to a group of tourists visiting from Germany. A beautiful day AND a sale! Congratulations, Eileen!

I don't have pictures of Mike or his WIP (again!) - he came late and then I couldn't find where he'd set up.

Look at all of our WIPS and how different they are, but note the colors ... to quote Byron "Look! Several artists did it - it MUST be right!"




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